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How AG Scenic Models Began.


When I was 11, my dad introduced me to model railways.  I remember Christmas morning coming down stairs to see a blanket covering the table.   On removing the blanket I saw my first model railway.  It consisted of a small baseboard with an oval track with one siding.  There was no scenery of any kind, just a black steam loco with some coal trucks attached.  I was mesmerised, I spent nearly all day just watching the train go round and round. Over the coming months dad and I added a little tunnel and some grass scatter and the layout started coming alive. For the next 4 years I was hooked. 

Jump forward to 1st December 2018, my dad passed away so suddenly, literally like switching off a light switch, in an instant my dad was gone.  I was in shock, overcome with grief and just couldn’t understand how this could happen to my dad. 

I decided I wanted to reconnect with my childhood and the many fantastic memories I had with dad, so, I decided to build myself a model railway.  I spent the next 2 months building a big 8ft x 4ft OO Gauge layout.  lots of running track, multiple sidings, lots of scenery and detail.  I was totally absorbed in the world of miniature railways.  It helped immensely with dealing with the loss of dad, at the same time I truly felt he was there with me, I totally felt connected to him.  

My best friend Michelle, who I have been friends with since 1982 suggested I create more model railway layouts, so between the two of us we started making more layouts, myself doing the building and Michelle taking care of the ordering of supplies, selling the layouts and has recently become a slot car technician.

A dear friend or ours suggested I make a Micro Scalextric (HO) layout so I started building HO Slot Car layouts in July 2018 and this has opened up a whole new world to me.  

The present day, with over 18 scenic layouts completed and many more in the pipeline I feel I have purpose again.

The layouts I create come from the inspiration I got as a child from my dad, Arthur Gill.  Miss you always dad.

This is how AG Scenic Models was created.  In loving memory of my dad. 

Our objective is to build slot car or model railway layouts to a high standard but also offer value for money too.  We can make any layout to fit within your budget starting from a minimum layout size of 3ft x 4ft.  Making these layouts are a labour of love, the true value for us comes from seeing the joy they bring to others.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

 Arthur John Gill  09/06/43 - 01/12/17                                                 Steve Matthews   18/11/58 - 11/05/19

Arthur John Gill  09/6/43 - 01/12/17